11.10.2017 11:15
As you remember, the calendars have been printed by a Printing company. That is why there is no format for the calendar. However, I have added all the photos and text  in the website. You find these items under the button Documents, and then : Calendar 2016  and Calendar 2017. If you...
01.07.2017 16:07
You can find all the activities and treasure hunt document in the "Treasures" - "Czech Republic" section. You can also find student´s feedback papers, that were made at the end of Czech mobility. Click HERE and take a look.
01.07.2017 16:01
HERE you can watch a video with short speeches from some teachers about Europe Web Walking. We´ve recorded it in The Czech Republic in May 2017. You can also find the video in the "Home" section. Enjoy.
29.11.2016 11:05
We uploaded new documents into the Teachers materials and Mobilities/Hungary portfolios.
07.10.2016 11:13
read the new  
27.04.2016 11:58
You can also find us on Facebook right HERE.
23.02.2016 10:04  
08.12.2015 11:42
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