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11.10.2017 11:15
As you remember, the calendars have been printed by a Printing company. That is why there is no format for the calendar. However, I have added all the photos and text  in the website. You find these items under the button Documents, and then : Calendar 2016  and Calendar 2017. If you...
01.07.2017 16:07
You can find all the activities and treasure hunt document in the "Treasures" - "Czech Republic" section. You can also find student´s feedback papers, that were made at the end of Czech mobility. Click HERE and take a look.
01.07.2017 16:01
HERE you can watch a video with short speeches from some teachers about Europe Web Walking. We´ve recorded it in The Czech Republic in May 2017. You can also find the video in the "Home" section. Enjoy.
29.11.2016 11:05
We uploaded new documents into the Teachers materials and Mobilities/Hungary portfolios.
07.10.2016 11:13
read the new  
19.09.2016 10:22
Language Competence It has been established that the most important skill to be evaluated is SPEAKING which consists of speaking production and speaking interaction. The moduls have to be filled according to a common  framework : levels  A.1  and A2  for primary school and...
27.04.2016 11:58
You can also find us on Facebook right HERE.
23.02.2016 10:25
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